Bizgurukul Affiliate Marketing Business Honest Review 2021 Must Read

Bizgurukul Affiliate Marketing Business Honest Review 2021 Must Read

Bizgurukul Affiliate Marketing Business Honest Review 2021 Must Read

Bizgurukul Affiliate Marketing Business Honest Review 2021:- Must read this article before you buy the products or courses from Bizgurukul. What is Bizgurukul Affiliate Marketing? Is Bizgurukul Affiliate Marketing Business a safe choice to earn money online? Is Bizguruku legal? Is Bizgurukul safe? Is Bizgurukul genuine? Is it worth to invest money on Bizgurukul? 

In this article, I’m going to give you the answer to all these questions but before that let me introduce myself as it is very important to let you know that who am I to give this review to you.

So, Friends my self DEVENDRA PATEL and I’m an MSc student in chemistry, an employee at Waxpol Industries and an enrolled student in Bizgurukul Affiliate Marketing Business, therefore, the review that will be shared here will be all the way genuine and honest. So without wasting any time let’s get started.


Bizgurukul Affiliate Marketing Business Honest Review 2021 Must Read


I have gone through many websites in google and found that few of the reviews given by the people, who are not actually enrolled in Bizgurukul is trying to create the negative impact on the readers mind for Bizgurukul. All these things are stopping the youth to take there first step towards learning something new and building their skills.

The genuine review can only be given by the person who has actually purchased the product and has been enrolled in Bizgurukul and that is the why I’m here for you with this article where I am going to share you the demo videos of the product that I have purchased from Bizgurukul and also going to share the important screenshots along with the things that I have learned here till now. So, let us start with “WHAT IS BIZGURUKUL”.

What Is Bizgurukul?

Bizgurukul Pvt. Ltd is actually a branch of Gyankosh Education Services and is a GST Registered Proprietorship firm. Mr Rohit Kumar Sharma is an owner of Bizgurukul. 

Bizgurukul is an awesome E-Learning Platform For the Indian students, employee, housewife and many other people who are interested in learning a new skill and creating a genuine revenue by working online through their Smartphone or Laptop.

Bizgurukul provides you the courses which are related to the Digital Marketing, Personal Development, Personal Branding on different social media, Entrepreneurship and much more depending upon the package (will be discussed later) that you purchase.

What Is Bizgurukul


Apart from all the courses that you purchase through Bizgurukul they provide you the wife time training for free which is held every week for boosting the performance of their affiliates.

Bizgurukul provide 4 days training in a week to their registered affiliate. There’s also a special training called “Hall Of Fame” is also organised in which the person who had earned Rs 1,00,000 gives his interview and share his/her strategies to work online.

Along with all these courses, Bizgurukul provides the opportunity to become an affiliate for all the three courses (which will be discussed later), by promoting of which one can earn up to 60% commission.


What is Bisgurukul


Is Bizgurukul Legal? Bizgurukul Real Or Fake

Here comes the most important question whether Bizgurukul Is Genuine or not? Is Bizgurukul Real Or Fake? So, let me clear that Bizgurukul is a registered E-Learning platform and one of the trusted organization that provide awesome courses along with the opportunity to earn online.

It will best if you check Bizgurukul’s name on the trusted website of “MINISTRY OF CORPORATE AFFAIRS”. Below I have mentioned the website link of Ministry Of  Corporate Affairs and also attached the screenshot of Bizgurukul name in this website for your convenience.


Screenshot Of Bizgurukul Name On This Website:-


Is Bizgurukul Legal? Bizgurukul Real Or Fake


For your confirmation, I strongly recommend to visit the website of the Ministry Of Corporate Affairs and check the name of Bizgurukul.

What Bizgurukul Provide? Bizgurukul Product Price & Commission

At present, there are three active packages that are being offered by Bizgurukul. Each one of them includes different courses along with awesome values. Here I have listed the package along with its price and affiliate commission.

1. Gold:- 

Price:- Rs 3499/-

Affiliate Commission:- Rs 2000/-

Total Courses In Gold Package:-

2. Sapphire

Price:- Rs 5999/-

Affiliate Commission:- Rs 4000/-

Total Courses In Sapphire Package:-

In addition to all these courses, you get FREE ACCESS TO ALL THE COURSES OF GOLD PACKAGE.

3. Platinum

Price:- Rs 9999/-

Affiliate Commission:- Rs 7000/-

Total Courses In Platinum Package:-



Download the given pdf for the brief description of courses and bonus of Bizgurukul Affiliate Marketing Business

Bizgurukul Courses Price Commission And Details

Bonus With Bizgurukul Affiliate Marketing Courses

Bizgurukul Affiliate Marketing Business Honest Review 2021 Must Read

Bizgurukul also provide various bonus along with each course that you purchase. Whether you go with the Gold package or you go with the Platinum package this bonus will be provided to you. The bonus is discussed in brief below:-

  • Free 2 Training webinar in a week for business development.
  • Free “Hall Of Fame” Training given by 1 Lakh achiever every Monday @ 8:00 PM.
  • Free Sunday Special Training Webinar to scale your business.
  • Lifetime free support to grow your business online.
  • Reward for completing the task provided in a month.
  • National and International trip on completing the task of the given month.

Pros And Cons Of Bizgurukul Affiliate Marketing Business


  • Provide free access to the private Facebook and Telegram Community.
  • One can start their online Journey of earning with comparatively low investment.
  • The courses provided here is also based on how to earn online. Therefore even if you don’t go for affiliate
  • program you can earn by learning through courses.
  • Provide free access even in Bizgurukul Official Whatsapp group. Group members are really helpful.
  • 1 lakh achievers guide you to work online.
  • Awesome training and support to grow on different social media. 
  • Provides an opportunity to be an affiliate for this program.


  • I faced problem in login into my account after 5 – 10 days of joining Bizgurukul. But, the problem has been resolved now as the site was under reconstruction.
  • Bizgurukul do not refund once you get enrolled into their courses.
  • Few courses has not been launched yet. But, are to be launched soon.

Payment Procedure Of Bizgurukul Affiliate Marketing Business

The payment procedure in Bizgurukul is of a weekly basis. i.e, all the work that you have performed or all the sales that you have made this week, the commission of that sale will be directly transferred to your bank account in the next week.

The commission of different packages has already been discussed previously. For each sale of Gold, Sapphire and Platinum the generated commission will be Rs. 2000/-, Rs. 4000/-  and Rs. 7000/- respectively.

Payment Proof Of Bizgurukul Affiliates

The below-shown screenshots are the payment proof of different Bizgurukul Affiliates and also their achievements.

There is a lot more payment proof you can see in Instagram feeds and stories of the Bizgurukul Affiliates and also in my Instagram stories.

My Instagram ID:- Devendra Patel


Payment Proof Of Bizgurukul Affiliates


Demo Videos Bizgurukul Affiliate Marketing Business

The mentors of the Bizgurukul courses are awesome and the courses are designed in such a manner that even the beginners can start their online journey by following the instructions provided in the video.

Before joining the course I got my Amazon Affiliate account get suspended because I was unaware of the policies and rules. this course will guide you along with the introduction of different laws and policies of various social media platforms.




The above demo video is about the FACEBOOK ADS which is the heart of digital marketing. These video series will help you to run your own Facebook ads campaign and also help you to run ads for your clients. This work is also provided as services in fiver.



This course comes under the Gold package. In this video, The Digital Marketing has been introduced. It is only the introduction but when you go through the complete video series you will get to know about the creation of the website, it’s ranking on google and how to earn through this.

Digital marketing course also have focused on different social media where you can grow organically by learning the process that have been discussed in the courses.



This course is also included in the Gold package where you learn about the “PERSONALITY  DEVELOPMENT “. As in present scenario, people are actually unaware of the contributing elements that makes their personality different from others. 

It becomes more important when you decide to change your present situation. Because the situation can’t be changed until the people brings change in himself.

So, all these are the Demo Videos that will help you to get a better understanding about the program and will also help you to take your first step.

Bizgurukul Affiliate Marketing Business Webinar

To know more about Bizgurukul you can go through this video that I am providing below. I suggest you to watch this video till end and without any interruption for better understanding.

This is the video of a free webinar that will provide you detailed knowledge about this program and will also guide you to take your decision.




My Personal View And Experience With Bizgurukul

Before I talk about my experience I would first say that all these things that I am sharing with you all is based on my experience with Bizgurukul.

Many people feel demotivated when they don’t get the result and start to complain but remember Winner never complain rather, they learn from there mistakes and keep ongoing.

I am going to complete my 1 month with Bizgurukul in next 2-3 days. The trainings that they had provided is completely power packed for me. As I am an employee, (which I had mentioned before) therefore I am pursuing this business as my part-time work.

I have purchased the Gold package of Bizgurukul. As I was introduced to the world of blogging in June month of this year i.e. 2020 by one of my friend named Bhavesh. I found the earning potential of Digital Marketing to be out of my expectation and therefore I jumped into this field. 

Some of the people might say that all the material that Bizgurukul is providing is easily available in youtube but here I want to ask a question. How can a person provide all his knowledge and years of experience just for free and will not charge you even a bit? 

I went through various videos on Youtube. Some of the videos and their creator were genuine but they also charge a bit from you to start your journey to earn online and there’s nothing wrong in this. These people are the real Youtubers or Mentors that are sharing their 15 to 20 years of work experience through their courses.

I am especially focused on building the website and also a bit towards affiliation. I found the course to be really helpful for me as a beginner.

I also found many videos to be like “How To Earn $2000 in 24 hours”, “How I Made 1 Lakh Rupees In A Day” and so on. I strongly suggest you to please stay away from all such things. The most important thing that I learned is that “YOUR LEARNING ABILITY WILL DECIDE YOUR EARNING” 

I don’t want to be an employee for my entire life and I think you want the same…..Right??? Everyone wants to be their own boss. So, learning is the key which I got from Bizgurukul.

If you are reading this post you are genuine enough to make difference between Paid and Free. Nothing in this world comes for free. Free things can only provide you knowledge but Paid provides valuable knowledge. You have to invest in yourself before you start to earn. 

Remember we all have that power to get successes in our lives, what we need is only patience and consistency. But, before this, the most important point is to Take Step. “YOUR FIRST STEP”. Take your first step to invest in yourself.


Through this article, I have only shared my experience with you about Bizgurukul Affiliate Marketing Business. Let me know through your comment whether you find it helpful? Here I’ll not insist you to purchase the product of Bizgurukul because I want it to be your choice. So that when you look back, you can proudly say to yourself  “YES I DID IT”.

Whatsapp me for any more details or to start  today

My Whatsapp No.- 8821028383


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